Mark Salter Real Estate Agent

"When Jessica came along she was the perfect solution for my business. Real estate can be very cyclical, and you go from needing lots of help one month, to a point where you aren't as busy the next, and the focus is controlling costs. I've found myself many times not wanting to go through the hastle of hiring and dealing with payroll, but too busy to focus on expanding new business. This can be a costly situation. With this option I've been able delegate tasks when and where I need to, so that I can focus on the big picture work that will expand and make my business profitable. Some of the things I have used "Secretary on the Go" for are: picking up keys for a listing, opening up lockboxes to let inspectors in, sending out a neighbourhood mailout, expanding marketing by setting up and servicing social networking sites, calling lists of clients and agents for feedback, or to advise of a price change. She is always polite, cheerful, and professional with your clients. Not easy to find..."