A little about us...

Everything we do embodies our belief in challenging the status quo. We create an open space for collaboration towards a lifestyle of professional ease and financial freedom

Easing your workload, one task at a time.

Secretary on the Go takes care of the tasks that keep you from focusing on your business, without the commitment or financial burden of a full time employee.

We provide virtual services for both established and entrepreneurial businesses, as well as independent contractors. Secretary on the Go is perfect for one off projects, ongoing support and company development. Our services support your business, take care of your needs and allow your company to grow.

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We think of ourselves as a collective who offer the ideal components of support and foundational assistance. Conscious minded in both life and business, we are perfectionists that equally play off one another to create a professional but fun working environment. Our determination, drive and diverse talent is supported by our lifelong friendship and connection; naturally translating into the perfect partnership that is Secretary on the Go!

Julie is the “Numbers” wizard. Not just at understanding them, but organizing them too. Backed by her extensive background, Julie manages accounts with natural skill and precision, always surpassing client expectation and providing optimal satisfaction.

Carmel is the “Words”. As a creative communicator, she uses tone and language to effectively articulate personal, professional and product content by ensuring a full understanding of the desired outcome of each client and tailoring subject matter to captivate a variety of audiences.

Together, Julie and Carmel have over 2 decades of experience managing a landscape of administrative platforms, offering a dynamic understanding and approach to administrative processes and functions for optimal coordination, performance and execution of all administrative needs.

Julie Johnston aka: “Numbers”

Julie, About Secretary on the GoHaving been in the accounting field since 2000 and serving quality contract bookkeeping since 2009, Julie is the high standard Accounts Officer for Secretary on the Go. Julie specializes in small to medium enterprise accounting. It was through her training in manual bookkeeping, where she developed her craft for proficient accuracy and a remarkable ability attending to the finer details, while also offering a clear understanding of the bigger picture for each client’s goals and outcomes.

She studied accounting at Camosun College and Thompson River University, and spent her first year out of college mentored by a CGA. From there she moved on to become an Office & Project Manager for a busy construction company where she spent 8 years managing the accounts of 5 different corporate businesses, tracking all jobs' profit & loss margins.

Her clientele has been both for profit and non-profit. Her portfolio consists of a range of businesses in construction, furniture stores, entrepreneurs, government funding programs, tanning salons and preschools.

It's fair to say that Julie is an advocate of work life balance, with a strong focus on mental and physical well-being, spirituality and integrity. These tendencies translate into her working environment, allowing to create a fair, equitable and grounded business for clients. She is present and accessible to all account holders, and hold all staff at the highest standard.

Carmel Chamberlain aka: “The Words”

With Carmel’s diverse experience in administration, marketing, event management and operations, she brings foundational knowledge and practice of various systems and how to both implement and manage them.

With her education in Creative Writing, English Literature, English Composition, Sociology and Psychology, Carmel has been following her passion and developing her skill since in 2001. She has held various positions in Event Management, Logistics, and Marketing, which have given her solid insight into promotional development, operations, recruitment, and project management. Within an Administrative capacity, Carmel acted as Compensation Services Clerk with Thrifty Foods, before moving onto the University of Victoria where she assisted two Directors simultaneously while playing an integral role in the evolution of the new School of Public Health and Social Policy. She is no stranger to policy and procedure development and is knowledgeable within the framework of support services from large institutions to independent small businesses.

It was through her experience in marketing and public speaking, that Carmel found her instinctive knack to take subject matter and articulate it to captivate various audiences. It is her natural understanding of people and how to best communicate in a way that resonates, that makes Carmel the Expert Copywriter for Secretary on the Go. She takes what is looking to be said and communicates it with simplicity and precision. She has developed social media strategy and content, press releases, website literature, public speeches, promotions and advertisements. Her specialty is in resume development and newsletter/article editing for independent businesses and entrepreneurs.

The other side of Carmel owns an up and coming company called Align Events, which is built on the vision of designing “Events with Purpose”. Connection to self and creative space are important to her She is a community advocate branching from her own personal circumstances and her love for the human experience. In turn, Carmel operates with professionalism as well as a relatable presence which has always proven a winning combination for those she works with.