I Write Like...

According to the “I Write Like” website, my writing style resembles that of Harry Harrison. Harry Harrison isn't an author I would compare myself to. An older man who writes mainly science fiction, satirical science fiction and comic strips, Harry's stories are nothing like mine. In fact, the story I submitted for analysis was titled "Grand Dolls". This story follows my character, Beth to craft fairs across the country as she attempts to reconnect with her long passed grandmother. It takes a bizarre turn when Beth notices a table of familiar looking dolls:

"She walked past the vendors, knitted scarves, homemade jam, and cupcake patterned aprons towards the table of silky, dazzling dolls. As she neared the table, she saw a woman facing the back wall with a familiar grey, Q-tip hairdo. Beth suddenly stopped. There was something about the way the woman sat, hunched over with her head turned down. The woman slowly turned around and Beth whispered, 'Grandma'."

Well, okay maybe there is a slight science fiction aspect to my story.

The ‘I Write Like’ site was created by a 27 year old Russian software programmer named Dmitry Chestnykh. It has caused a ton of controversy and speculation, seeing as though Margaret Atwood copied and pasted some of her own work, only to find out she writes like Stephen King. Another user entered a transcript of Mel Gibson’s latest rant; the suggested author: Margaret Atwood.

Trying it again, this time I entered my short story titled “A Fair Prize”. This story was written last year for a 24 hour creative writing contest. It told the tale of a lonely woman, married to an incredibly unattractive man – inside and out. Her wild attraction for the pumpkin farmer next door was almost unbearable:

“It was a glorious sight, the orange glow, radiating through the settling dusk. George’s quaint bungalow perched squarely in the center with pumpkins sprouting up on all sides. There was George, sitting on a large pumpkin, tending to his work. It seemed as though he and his house grew as part of the patch.”

This time I write like J.K. Rowling, which I can see a lot more than Harry Harrison. I think what it comes down to is word choice, rather than word positioning.

If you want to boost your writing ego and find out what famous author you resemble, check out the 'I Write Like' site and upload  your own work. Who knows, you may just follow Mel's lead and also resemble Margaret Atwood.